Saturday, August 7, 2010

Secret Origins

Underneath the icy sun
desolation tends
to maximise serenity

And even after a million
supernovas veer posthoumosly
into a dignified

You are let to live amidst
the wayward responsibilities of
creating theoratical
lifeforms out of the
galactic rubbles

And then, from precisely that era
onwards, you start to think
somebody else should have been
cursed enough to inherit
the mantle of

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Coincidence Man

Memories of a childhood haunt me,
Memories that I'm not supposed to claim;
Memories that show me in a better light,
Memories that compel me to disown the blame.

Parodies of expectations in my paraplegic eyes,
A sorry smile to counter the apologetic silence,
And as the soothing weariness smothers out the disbelief;
It becomes easy, so easy, to ignore the resemblance.

"Have We Met Before", a question that lingers
Against the neurons of my lost and found,
I question the imagery known as my self,
Maybe I am somebody else, a coincidence that came around.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cause Of Death

Acids, love and sulphur
Were the things that killed her
And crystals in her blood
Of cyanogen and mud
Gave her bruised heart
A breathful of mirth
She had lost her love to these
To the steroids of peace
And when cocaine earned her faith
She found ecstasy in death